Bulk Bags, F.I.B.C.'s Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

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All Epak Inc., Bulk Bags are designed to meet each customer's specific needs.



-Choice of Tops
-Choice of Bottoms

Custom Designs & Accessories

By beginning with basic design features Epak Inc., can design the right bag for your product.
We use our experience to design the right bag for your needs.

-lift loops
-document pouch
-not listed here? just ask.

-Printing: 4 color printing of your company logo & product information.

-Liners: Available in different weights.

-Single Trip & Multi-Trip Designs: All bags UN approved as required. Ideal for 2 to 50 trips, depending on the commodity.

-Refurbishing: For multi-trip bags, we offer a complete refurbishing service. This service allows you to re-use your bag with the confidence that every bag meets the 6:1 safety factor with every trip.

-Tracking: Epak Inc., offers a complete tracking system, which records the history of your bags via our bar coding system. This is ideal for ISO certified customers.

-Tramlines: Distribute weight evenly throughout the bag creating the strongest
 bag in the industry.

-Box & Cross: Strongest and safest strap attachment method in the industry.

-Hazardous Goods: Certified by Transport Canada for transportation of dangerous goods. (U.S. DOT available).