Shipping Covers

Made from woven coated polypropylene & polyethylene.



-White, Black/White Woven Coated Material.

-Super strong–superior tear strength and moisture resistant.

-Weather resistant–ultraviolet stabilizers ensure resistance to sunlight, acid rain and airborne chemicals.

-Protection– prevent your valuable products from staining by virtually eliminating condensation build-up.

-Plain or Printed– Multi-colour flexo print is available for your advertising needs.

Custom Designs & Accessories

By beginning with basic design features Epak Inc., can design the right cover for your product.
We use our experience to design the right cover for your needs.

-buckles & ratchets
-not listed here? just ask.


Non-Woven Covers

These specialty covers protect your product from dust and scratching. Custom sizes and designs are available.


Epak is proud to offer Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI products). VCI protects your products against corrosion by being impregnated into a substrate– in this case, PE film–and is constantly released into the area where the product is encapsulated.